Live Hybrid DJ Performance

For this assessment we have to effectively prepare and present our selves with our own work we have (tracks), this was to be performed in front of a specified audience. We had to choose two different tracks that we would be performing live, with two other class members. We used Ableton for the perform our work we selected, the first performance was in the colleges canteen and then the theatre.

Whilst looking into the different setups that we could use for our hybrid DJ set, we found that it would be best to use a APC-40 in combination with the Ableton push. Deciding to use the push in combination with the APC allowed two members of the group to have their own control inside the Ableton live view. This freed us up significantly allowing us to concentrate more on our own role in the performance. Each time either controller was used, the highlighted section would jump to their part in Ableton. This slight inconvenience turned out to be no problem at all, since we got into routine of switching back and forth during practicing and also communicating during the performance.

Our performance genres consisted of ambient drums, hip hop and house which we performed in one set back to back. Since the house tracks that I performed have around 60 more bpm, which left us with the question how we could transition not only the songs but also changing the tempo. My group member came to the conclusion that it would be most simple to change the bpm in Ableton, timing it right so that the switch would happen on the first beat. Which this idea I then thought it would be best to take his kick drums out and start to play my 4:4 kicks, which worked out just as we had imagined! Since out of all our tracks mine had the fastest tempo, we decided it would be best for me to play last so that we have an ascending bpm.

Sadly we had to work on finishing a group members track for a large amount of the time, where I would have loved to already been practicing and going through our performance.  I would have really enjoyed another member playing the Moog synth for my bass line(s), instead of my looping my tracks samples  in Ableton. For future performances I will make sure that I will practice constantly before any performance, also trying my best to learn about hardware which can be implemented. It was also a shame that the TR-8 and System-1 that I own did not want to get used, since it would have been a hybrid set with amazing sounding hardware instead of just a sample based performance.



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