Unit 11 – Exploration of Specialist Study and Context

For Unit 11 we have been instructed to present our final projects plan, which will be Unit 12. I will be explaining what had influenced me to go with planning a club night and other inspirations which lead to my vision coming together.


A unique techno / tech-house club night in Cambridge that brings a society together, creating a pleasant and friendly vibe based on the passion for electronic music. Organize a unique night paired with other residential talented performers who have the same taste and vision when performing DJ sets. Give the night life of Cambridge the additional but absent option, to enjoy a night out with Techno music performed by Dj’s that strive. Provide the community with a different and intriguing option to be informed about substance abuse inside the venue. If party goers show interest they will be able to find out about the risks that come with regular and/or temporary consumption, also being able to get information on organisations that specify on this topic for further help. To build a friendly, helpful and enthusiastic society that comes together to share an experience. The hope that each individual makes informed and considerate decisions when regarding anyone’s health and safety, whilst enjoying a night that has been absence. To create an opportunity for myself to perform and share the music I love at a venue, in the town where my preferred university is.



When deciding that I would like to organize  a club night in Cambridge, there were several different factors that then made me stick with a business proposal for a venue. Most importantly was being able to realize and follow through this idea in the outside world and competitive market. When searching for techno club night in Cambridge the closest options which are able to be found, are about 50 miles away, for example; in London. The absence of techno / tech-house music in Cambridge inspired me to use Unit 11 to plan a proposal, for a club night in a Cambridge venue.


Techno within cambridge


My choice to continue my studies in Cambridge also gave me motivation to plan a club night for a venue in this area, since I would also be living there and would dream of performing myself. The knowledge that I have gathered and with the equipment I own, I am able to record mixes to present to the chosen establishment. The hand full of live performances which include DJ gigs have inspired me to find a place, as a live performing at a venue close to my studies.


A Bavarian company called “mindzone” has a great project going which involves them being present at clubs, festivals or other venues in the form of an informational stand. This stand offers an initial personal consultation, referrals to advice centers and simple informational booklets or flyers, which spread awareness of a variety of different substances found in the night life. I found this concept such a great idea since the stand is located directly at the source, where regular consumption habits may start to develop. It is a different form of spreading awareness that can occur more sympathetic to some, in comparison to most initial consultations, which is mainly due to the location and moment.


After speaking to friends who have lived or grown up in Cambridge, I kept hearing how desperately the town is in need of a good night out. Hearing this gave me motivation to not only create an attractive night which I would enjoy going to go to, but to serve the the purpose of creating an option for those who wish to enjoy a techno club night. It has been a passion of mine to scout for new tracks to mix but also new artists to be inspired by, this will be ideal since I will be wanting to get other talents involved in my project. The talents being techno / tech-house DJ’s that preferably are producing their own material, which also have an inspiring vision in techno music that is suitable for the club nights plans.


In comparison to rock concerts, it is hard to find underground techno music played in a venue other than a club. For me the artists scheduled to perform in clubs around the city became my concerts instead of bigger venues such as a stadium. Seeking out new  and unknown artists with friends in search for the perfect music for our night out has become a routine, including sharing this genre with people that may not be so familiar. Part of my inspiration to start a club night was to organize a night i would love attending, but also to share my love for techno with the Cambridge clubbing scene.

The Guardian Quotes: “Among those who have ever taken drugs, it is a minority (21%) who continue to do so, approximately 3 million people. The profile of those currently taking drugs is weighted towards younger Britons, with half of active users aged 16-34. In contrast to the stereotype of the drug user, many active drug takers are in the higher echelons of society, with 40% being in social grades AB.” – Jim Mann, Accessed on 13.03.16 on http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/oct/05/-sp-drug-use-is-rising-in-the-uk-but-were-not-addicted 

Tackling the problem at the source where many bad habits may start to occur is in my view a great idea, which would get a message through to those who show interest. As my quote from the Guardian mentions, half of the active users are aged between 16 and 34 who generally are the main body of party goers. “More than 15 million Britons, nearly one in three of the adult population, have taken illegal drugs and the proportion of the nation who have ever taken drugs is increasing over time; when the Observer last conducted research into national drug usage and attitudes in 2008, 27% of the population had taken illegal drugs.”- Jim Mann, Accessed on 13.03.16 on http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/oct/05/-sp-drug-use-is-rising-in-the-uk-but-were-not-addicted (The populations percentage has now increased to 31%)

According to the British drug survey 2014; 84% of substance users consume their drugs at home or at a friends house instead of a club / bar / venue environment. It is not a simple task to get a message into a closed off group inside their own four walls, my target is to inform the 16% that regularly attends and consuming illegal substances at events. If the message is taken to heart then the 16% will hopefully have influence on those who choose to stay at home and may also not be as informed. The ages at which party goers first trying experimenting with a substance is generally 16-18 with the mean being 19. Having seen this statistic I have thought it would be a wise consideration to also target the age groups under 18, by maybe even organizing a charity funded event for them.

Since curiosity is the number 1 factor in regards to the reason more than two in three people started consuming, it is really important that they are able to take informed and responsible decisions. These decisions do not only have to cover the wide range of illegal substances that are available to party goers, but also legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol abuse.

Average spent monthly on tobacco: £76,73

Average spent monthly on alcohol: £54,58



The problem for users including ones in the UK occurs when, drugs are increasingly being cut with alternative substances. There are many different countries such as Austria that follow the vision of saving lives with quality control inside venues, which I found a very interesting idea and way to tackle the problem. With the research I have undertaken I found that the UK no tolerance policies will not make this possible in the stand I intend to have inside the night club. Other countries that have these testing policies include Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Throughout the mid and late 1970’s the dance scene was booming with a drug subculture, coming with a mentality to support users by supplying water and making sure that there are areas to hang out and relax. This mentality was based around looking out for each other, rather than supposing extensive substance consumption. This vibe and mentality got lost because many clubs and venues have a no drug policy and hear loosing their license, by getting the image that they are supporting drug consumption. Many of the rave early raves were underground in the UK, this has changed today with many licensed venues with events every day of the weekend. Back then there were also no mobile phones or similar possibilities which enabled contacting each other and also getting the news out where these illegal raves would be located at.


Drug observer survey results indicate that many of the older generation that have had been taking substances in the early rave culture, have not actually stopped but rather carry on their high-youth life at home. In an interview with a mother, she was asked about her current usage of drugs; “Very rarely,” she replies. “At a festival this summer and then at a particularly big 40th birthday.” She only indulges when she’s with her husband and has moved from cocaine to more reliable drugs. “Really only MDMA these days. Coke seems less appealing and I’m more suspicious about what it’s been cut with.” Alex Preston, Accessed on 14.03.16 on http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/oct/05/-sp-drug-taking-fortysomethings-rave-middle-aged (Drug-taking fortysomethings with one foot in the rave )

Unique Selling Point:

Nowadays an event’s unique selling point is usually not the music genre anymore but rather the fact that there is no direct competition in Cambridge, or a close distance from the town. Opening up a techno club night would give party-goers in Cambridge a new opportunity to listen to a different genre of music when clubbing. Another selling point of the club night would be that I am offering the party goers and option to inform themselves about the potential health risks for themselves or their friends / family, that might be affected by legal or illegal substance abuse. Offering party goers the option to get information from a stand whilst partying to encourage smarter and more aware decisions. Actions teams will also be able to gather more data.

Plan / Concept:

My proposal is a club night themed around techno / tech-house music in Cambridge since there is currently no competition with the music. A unique opportunity for party goers to take advantage of a techno night, in combination with creating a place where people can gain information and advice regarding substance abuse. Since there is such an absence of techno events in Cambridge, the opportunity to organize such a club night is to ideal with an estimated 30,000 students in the town. In addition to bringing a new music scene along with a night I am also creating an opportunity for myself to take part and use my skills in live performance, by being one of the residential DJ’s for this club night. I see this club night as an event which is attractive for myself and one I would be attending.

This club night will be giving local talents an opportunity to showcase their music production skills, genre taste and DJ techniques at a unique club night in Cambridge. The Moroccan theme  inside of the fez venue in combination with the lighting sets a fitting atmosphere for a techno night. This night is aimed to attract a society of party goers that are looking for an alternative to local club nights, or those traveling far distances to attend techno events. In combination with offering the crowd this different experience, the club night is here to bring together a group of performers and open an opportunity for them.

There is always the possibility to pair up with a techno record label which is located close to Cambridge, such as London. If this label fits the theme of the club night then the partnership would potentially help find resident DJ’s for the venue. I am not aiming and expecting to pair up with the biggest techno labels in London or close to Cambridgeshire. Rather following the vision of booking resident DJ’s who are not only occasionally available such as many big names, this will help create the vibe evolving around this club night.

Below shows the outcome of my research about the different club nights that Cambridge’s nightlife venues have to offer, i found that there is a clear absence of Techno & Tech-House music.


Kuda Club (capacity: 1000): Chart & EDM, High Energy House, Bass Beats, Old School R’n’B

Ballare (capacity: 500): Urban music, Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, R’n’B, Grime

Lola Lo (capacity: 500): Chart, R&B, Disco, House, Commercial Electro, Drum & Bass

Q-Club (capacity: 120): Alternative, Metal, Rock, Goth, Indie, Punk, Soul, Pop, Dance, R&B

Potential Venue:

Fez club (capacity: 300): R&B, Hip-Hop, Garage, Dance hall, House, Disco, Bass, Indie, Soul, Funk, Dance

The Fez club in Cambridge seemed most suited for the club night I am planning, because it appears to be the venue with the most diverse range of music. The aim of the club night is not to fill up the biggest venue in Cambridge, rather the most suited for the theme with a decent size on top.


In regards to the informational stand which will be located inside the venue, a collaboration together with an organisation such as; cambsdaat (Cambridgeshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team) or Inclusion Cambridgeshire. These are specialized organisation who’s concern is to support, facilitate and treat drug and alcohol patients with services through their contacts, also providing information on harm reduction. I will be contacting these organisations to inquire a possible agreement and opportunity for a charity based informational stand in the venue.

Inclusion Cambridgeshire Website

Cambridgeshire DAAT Website

These are ideal organisations to work with since they have a large extent of professional experience in this field and this project would enable them to reach out, to a new platform for their services. It is the responsibility of all the premises that are open till late hours, to ensure the safety of pub and club goers. A venue working together with a action team in regards of health a safety of party goers will make up for a new strategy to reduce likelihoods.

3 Alternative musical routes in context to planning a club night:

In addition to the planning of the night there are alternative musical routes which come in context to the project. The first being taking the role of the promoter targeting and focusing mainly on students over the age of 18, but also adults generally under 35. Setting up a social media account for the club night will benefit reaching the community and also enable them to follow your page for any future events. During promotion the night will be advertised as the techno experience, which none of the competitors are currently offering. There are two University campuses I will be targeting in Cambridge, Cambridge University and Angelia Ruskin University. – Cambridge University – Anglia Ruskin University

The second role is an A&R scout for talented DJ’s that preferably produce their own music, which suite the vision behind my project. When searching for new talented performers for the club night I would rely on getting residential DJ’s that are local or do not have a long travel time, instead of booking the big names to full up the venue. Once the night has established a name there is an option considering having a secret special guest to perform.

The third and final route is that I will be able to use my gained knowledge and experience as a DJ / performer to fill in as one of the a resident’s at the club night. With the equipment I own I am able to prerecord mix’s to showcase in a portfolio, which I will be able to present to the venue in combination with those of the other artists. I am excited to be creating myself an opportunity to work with other performers around the music which means a lot to me. I have enough material to perform over multiple hours but I would rather have a more diverse performance over the night, from a range of DJ’s which i am able to collaborate with and perform B2B sets.

Example DJ’s



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The Worst Club in Cambridge?




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