Unit 10 Prepairing for Progression

My 3 choices:
  1. University / Further education at South Thames College
  2. DJ at venues on the side / Auditions finding Agents
  3. Getting a part time job next to higher education – preferably to do with music / live performance (DJ)

What practical steps will I take to achieve my goal?


How will I research my goal?

  • Internet – There are websites that I can use to compare different universities ratings, which can assist me in finding on which is best suited for myself. For example: onlineuniversities.com/



Or any other national ranking services.

There are other options like the UCAS website, also including visiting the homepages of different Universities. I can also read in forums to gather different peoples experiences and opinions about campus’s, to gain a further view into which Universities I should choose to apply to. There are a hand full of University online search tools that can guide me towards choosing the ideal campus and course.

  • Open Days – Again using the internet would be the most efficient in finding out when different Universities are having their open days, for example: opendays.com/
  • Talk to students that have already gone through this application process and will be signing up for University soon or are already enrolled on a course.
  • Take part in different university fairs across the country to get a wider perspective.
  • Talk to people and get recommendations / advice from them, out of first-hand experience or from experiences from others that they may know.

Who can I talk to?

  • University staff from different campus’s
  • Current teachers at college
  • Student advice centre at college
  • Read through university advice & guides
  • Ask my parents & friends about their experience

Where can I visit or go?

  • Attend university Campus’s & Open days
  • University Conventions / Conferences / Events
  • The main place I will visit will be the Internet, since there is an extensive list of research options.

Will I need to live in a particular place? – Yes

  • I will need to relocate myself so that I am close to the University campus that I would be studying at
  • Preferably an apartment or shared house (music equipment / noise is important when considering where I would like to live)

What space will I need?

  • I will need space to have my music equipment efficiently setup – 2 decks and a mixer, on two fold able tables. I also have a couple other pieces of equipment which needs space to be stored if there is not a sufficient amount for it to be built up. Preferably there would be enough space to have all different pieces of equipment efficiently setup.

What money will I need to fund my project?

  • University funds (Course / Supplies)
  • Housing funds (Rent / Bills / Shopping)
  • Traveling funds

Pros for University:

  • Higher chance of job acceptance
  • Better salaries in future
  • Environment rich social and cultural experience
  • Career prospects
  • Higher chance of promotion in future
  • Social benefits
  • Specialised education that interests me the most and become an expert in the subject
  • University clubs & societies provide valuable experience which look good on a CV
  • Independence
  • Parents would most likely be behind my choice
  • Many jobs require a degree and have a higher chance with one than with out

Cons for University:

  • Course finance
  • Living costs
  • Other hidden costs
  • 3 – 4 years
  • Not much experience in work during the degree
  • Not all graduates get jobs that are well paid
  • Choosing the wrong degree
  • Possible decline in careers in the year I finish my degree



What practical steps will I take to achieve my goal?

  • Start regularly recording and uploading planned mix sessions
  • Inform myself about venues / companies that are searching for DJ’s to perform and present them my recordings – maybe even between bands?
  • Inform myself about radio shows or online music streams that are searching for DJ’s to mix a set(s)
  • Invest in a small but properly acoustically treated home studio
  • Sign up for all possible college opportunities and / or community and online radio stations
  • Expand my network with press kits, business cards, constant emails and develop more internet presence – Keep busy!
  • Search for possible gigs to start off such as, private events for a low fee –
  • Produce more of my own music and define myself as a DJ
  • Build charisma and learn to read a crowd
  • Purchase travel suit cases for my equipment
  • Go to gigs and talk to venue owners to gain connections
  • Practice on a regular basis
  • Introducing myself to promoters – at the end of a casual conversation give them a business card with contact and soundcloud details
  • Make myself a website / Facebook page for new mixes & tracks and sign up to mixcloud
  • Seek more feedback from strangers – sign up to music forums and post new tracks / mixes

How will I research my goal?

  • Internet – booking sites or any other part hire sites
  • Personally going to Venues
  • Phone calls & emails
  • Gained Connection
  • Continue being on track finding unique music to play in sets
  • Supporting events I someday hope to play at and going to them regularly
  • Try to get into a charity event and perform for them

Who can I talk to?

  • Promoters
  • Club managers
  • Friends
  • Smaller venue owners
  • Other DJ’s in my area
  • There are websites with companies looking for rent DJ’s – sign up on these and stay active
  • Different charities

Where can I visit or go?

  • Venue websites / homepages
  • Music forums
  • Attend and support events at clubs bars or other venues
  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • Smaller venues
  • Party services / booking companies & organisations
  • Charity events – perform for free for experience and to maybe get noticed

Will I need to live in a particular place? – Yes

  • Living in range of venues, but also to University / further education

What space will I need?

  • I will need space to have my music equipment efficiently setup
  • Studio recording time to record mix’s
  • A sufficient and efficiently acoustically treated home studio

What money will I need to fund my project?

  • University funds (Course / Supplies)
  • Housing funds (Rent / Bills)
  • Travel funds for get to & from gigs / venues

Pros of becoming a Disk Jockey:

  • Sharing music and getting to know the people who are passionate about the same thing
  • You can earn a living from doing what you really enjoy is a bonus, not just a job
  • Controlling the momentum of a party and seeing the response of a crowd
  • No dress code at work
  • People send you music for you to play in future sets
  • Supportive friends to share your music with
  • Djing is a part of our culture and is not seeming to be becoming less so
  • Access to huge amounts of  libraries of music
  • Features like cue points, loops or live sampling and new upcoming features in the future
  • Being a part of parties and good music

Cons of becoming a Disk Jockey:

  • Health risk
  • Competition is high with a highly saturated industry
  • Building a DJ ego by focusing on mediocre habits and settling on them, instead try to reach wide with more variety in my mixes for constant improvement.
  • Having to get used to the traveling times, since you are mostly going to be on the way to your next gig which could be in a different city
  • Leading on from my last point I will find it harder to see family and friends consistently since I will be moving about so much
  • Now everyone has easy access to music the level of respect for crate digging for special tracks is very low
  • Unhappy or inconclusive bookers in regards to musical direction
  • People hating
  • Expensive equipment


Part-time Job

What practical steps will I take to achieve my goal?

  • Get myself a National Insurance Number (NI)
  • Apply for a yellow registration certificate
  • Find out if I need the purple registration certificate
  • Skip purple and apply for blue registration certificate?
  • Search for possible part time jobs that are suitable to my time schedule and can relate to my studies
  • Photocopy my Passport/ID for potential employers
  • Begin handing out my CV
  • Read about my rights at work
  • How will I research my goal?
    • Internet by using website like gumtree.com / www.studentjob.com.uk / www.indeed.co.uk
    • Shop windows signs
    • Asking if any jobs are available when walking in between different establishments
    • I will go to my council and research online about the different coloured cards that I will need to get myself
    • Inform myself about the UK tax
    • Reading newspapers to look for a job in there

    Who can I talk to?

    • Local bars
    • Local shops
    • Student advice centre in College
    • Ask friends that live relatively close to me and are working if they know about any opportunities in their company or other
    • Employment agencies like – upgrade recruitment, backstop support Ltd. And other job centres preferably in Putney or close to where I am currently living. – Could also be Government run job centres.

    Where can I visit or go?

    • Local areas or in distance of a bus journey
    • Be out and about exposed to the world and actively search for options by asking different shops if they are looking for assistance
    • Check if the college has any information

    Will I need to live in a particular place? – No

    • T the place I live in will depend on my studies and I will do my best to find a job which is close enough to both home and my studies

    What money will I need to fund my project?

    • I will be needing regular public transportation funds to get to and from my work place
    • Lunch money or I will have to cook at home and maybe even eat at home before going to work.

    Pros for getting a Part-Time Job:

    • Extra money and a steady income
    • Keeping myself busy and in a good routine of work
    • Meeting new people and getting connections
    • Gathering of experience in different areas
    • Getting new knowledge preferably in relation to music


    Cons for getting a Part-Time Job:

    • Takes up more time of you day, which could affect my college work and 100% will leave me with less free time to myself.
    • Extra stress on the side of the course I will be doing alongside of working.
    • It takes time to find a Job and does not come easy
    • A lot of employers will say no to me since there is a lot of competition, which makes me come back to my previous point – that I will need to invest time in going to interviews and finding them. 


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