This is a drum synth and pattern sequencer which works like a classic hardware drum machine. Ultrabeat has 25 voices that can be played chromatically and each voice can be controlled separately since they each are a all round synth.

The synth mode
The synth mode

Also which is really handy; you can import sounds and sequences from other Ultrabeat drum kits, also including EXS24 sampler instruments. It is a great feature that each voice has its own channel and that they are a synth. It opens up a lot for creativity, but also allows you to create that exact sound which you picture!

The step sequencer mode
The step sequencer mode

Another great feature is that you are able to switch view so that you can write a drum pattern in the step sequencer. Just like on my drum sequencer at home you place  a point for each voice to produce its own sound, building up together to make a beat. I find this layout so helpful and simple when trying to create a new drum beat, also having a great visual display of what you are doing and where something is happening!

I will defiantly be using this feature a lot since you can easily grad you loop into your DAW, which shows each voice separately as well. The Assignment window is great since you can mute, solo, pan and chance the volume levels in Ultrabeat before you import the loop into your project for further editing.


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