Flex Time

We have the task to Remix a track for this Unit (Craggz & Parallel – Future Shock), in our own music genre. I have chosen to do a deep, minimalistic, tech-house track. To make the audio files from the original track match the beats per minute of the genre I have chosen, I have to use the Flex time tool.

Originally the samples were at 172 bpm, which i changed by using the Flex tool. () I chose to use Monophonic stretching since it sounded like the most suiting for the vocals and bass lines that i was going to use.  Now that they are at 124 bpm the speed that I need, I can start to create the remix.

Time strechted to 124 bpm
Time strechted to 124 bpm



One thought on “Flex Time

  1. Well done Jamie you demonstrated you have got to grips with how Flex Time work and how you would use it in your productions. I look forward to seeing how well you use the technque in your remix assignment,


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